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About the Carpets

The company aims to trade in the highest quality carpets that are available focussing on carpets of classic geometric Turkmen design.

A note on carpet names

Detail from Char Wiliyat carpetTraditionally carpet names were either specifically identified with particular locations, e.g. Bokhara, or used to describe particular designs, e.g. Waziri. However with the commercialisation of production from the 1960s onwards, labels were applied fairly indiscriminately. A case in point was the use of the name Daulatabad Carpets; there was a period when Daulatabad in Faryab did produce particularly fine carpets and as a result the name began to be used widely, even for those carpets not produced in Daulatabad to confer an aura of quality. Now Daulatabad has all but disappeared off the quality carpet map. Some villages e.g. Alti Bolaq, an Ersari Turkmen village, have however retained their distinctive identity, although the description of the Alti Bolaq Mauri Gul is inaccurate since the Mauri Gul is actually a Tekke design and not an Ersari tribal design.

In the Andkhoy carpet bazaar today a range of designs are on sale - ranging from Bokhara to Karachi , Russian, Iranian, Jerhogi, Fils Pai. Many carpets in Andkhoy are generally called Khol Mohammadi which is in fact not a design but implies the use of a particular dye introduced during the 1970s.

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The Carpets We Sell

We sell carpets in a range of sizes, designs and prices.


The carpets are hard to photograph and a photo does not really do them justice, however to give you an idea of what they look like, here are photographs of three complete carpets, in different designs:

| Gulden Naksha carpet (74KB) | Iranian runner (48KB) | Jerhogi carpet (53KB) |

Close-up pictures of various carpet designs can be seen on this page.

Please note that carpets of a similar basic design may well differ in details according to how the individual carpet weaver chooses to develop the pattern; no two Bokhara carpets for example are ever exactly the same.

Sizes and Prices

  • Small (0.9m-1.1m by 1.3m-1.5m) at £130-180
  • Medium-small (1.2m-1.5m by 1.8m-2m) at £280-380
  • Medium (1.4m-1.6m by 1.8m-2.1m) at £350-£440
  • Medium-large (1.5m or a bit more by 2m-2.5m) at £460-£540
  • Large (2m by 3m) at £800-900
  • Runners 0.8m by 2.5m-3m at £320 +/-
  • A list of our current stock by size, design and price. (as downloadable .doc file)

  • Please note that any very recent sales may not be reflected in this list.
Other sizes and prices are sometimes available. Bigger carpets or ones of specific sizes can be ordered. However it must be remembered that as a hand made product exact sizes cannot be guaranteed.

PDF iconFind out more about carpet quality... (124KB PDF file)

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